There’s been a lot of buzz lately around blockchain solutions in the healthcare industry. Today we take a look at just how many blockchain projects are really focusing on healthcare, and where those projects are located. 

BlockTest collected data on August 24, 2018. In our ICO database there are currently 117 different healthcare-focused blockchain projects located in a total of 29 countries.  

There are so many blockchain projects which claim to be involved with the healthcare industry in one way or another. For this article we want to strictly incorporate those projects which are focused on healthcare.  

We sorted our database by using 25 healthcare-related keywords out of 10 subindustries in the healthcare sector of the Global Industry Classification Standards (GICS). Thus, we were left with 117 healthcare-focused blockchain projects that have launched or plan to launch an ICO and/or pre-ICO.  

Some of the key solutions these projects aim to execute are: 

  • Securely store and manage health information in real time 
  • Provide a platform/protocol for launching decentralized healthcare applications 
  • Connect patients to doctors for fast diagnosis 
  • Accelerate healthcare research 

So, let’s get into the data. As shown on the chart and the map below, the most healthcare-focused blockchain projects with ICOs are based out of the United States (30) with over a staggering 25 percent of the total healthcare projects worldwide. The number of healthcare projects in the United States alone is equal to the sum of projects in 21 other countries (72 percent of 117 countries with healthcare projects). 

Seen in the chart above and on the following map, the country with the second most healthcare-focused projects (still with only about one third as many as the United States) is the United Kingdom (11), coming in at 9 percent of the total projects. In other European countries, an equal amount of healthcare projects is based out of Estonia (8), Russia (8), and Switzerland (8), which each make up 6 percent of the total 117. 


Shown above, Hong Kong (5) ranks 6th on our list, with 4 percent of the total 117 projects. Australia (4) follows with 3.percent of healthcare projects. 

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Stethoscope via Pexels