Although there’s been a lot of talk lately about blockchain having the potential to disrupt the healthcare industry, how does the healthcare industry size up to the rest of the blockchain industry? Let’s take a look at the numbers.

BlockTEST collected data from our database on August 24, 2018. To date, there are 117 healthcare-focused ICO projects out of a total of 4,569 ICO projects, making up 2.5 percent of all ICOs as shown in the following chart.

The chart below shows, so far, healthcare ICOs have raised a total of $273 million, versus $22 billion raised by all other ICOs. Although the number of healthcare ICOs makes up 2.5 percent of all ICOs, the percentage of total raised by healthcare ICOs compared to all ICOs is less than half that, making up only 1 percent of the total raised by all ICOs. We can dissect that down to say on average, healthcare ICOs raise less than half as much money as other ICOs raise.

Taking these numbers into consideration, perhaps blockchain investors are still waiting for the breakthrough healthcare-blockchain project to come forward.

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