Our first Startup Bonuses Webinar in conjunction with HealthChainHack aired on October 9, 2018, featuring Manny Alicandro, Esq. who spoke on the regulatory landscape for blockchain startups and current regulatory topics in the cryptocurrency markets.

BlockTEST co-founder Jennifer Jiang introduced both the webinar series and Alicandro, an attorney with broad expertise in compliance, risk management, regulation, controls, surveillance, supervision, and governance. Presently, Alicandro is Principal of the Law Office of Manny Alicandro. Alicandro was General Counsel at MANA Partners, Director of the Financial Services Risk and Regulatory Practice at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) Advisory Services LLC and Executive Director and Assistant General Counsel at JPMorgan Chase. Earlier, his career saw almost ten years at NASDAQ where he was an Assistant General Counsel and President of BOX Regulation. 

First, Alicandro brought forward to the audience’s attention the following topics of discussion for a blockchain business: startup formation, employment law requirements, fundraising, smart contracts, liability and privacy.  

Next, Alicandro walked viewers through the complex legal framework for transactions on blockchain including federal and state regulations, the US Treasury Department, SEC, etc. Alicandro points out that the regulatory regime in the US is extremely complicated and inter-connected and how it is impossible to participate in the crypto market as investor without understanding these regulations. 

Alicandro went on to discuss further the regulatory landscape, including Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”) and Security Token Offering (“STO”) projects. Alicandro also compares global regulatory status on cryptocurrency. 

In the Q&A session, Alicandro answered questions on US vs international regulations on blockchain as well as whether a blockchain startup should move to Wyoming.  

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