Kivio is using blockchain to unify and streamline the end-to-end process of global maritime trade.


Background Information

The global and remote nature of the global liquid bulk trade encourages information siloes, resulting in long feedback loops and compounding inefficiencies that could well be addressed by digitalization.

Market forces compound the complexity of credit intermediation onto an already complicated ecosystem, adding cost in terms of both time and money.

About Kivio

Kivio is our solution to reconciling efficiency with security in the maritime liquid bulk industry, offering a replacement for archaic paper-based processes that will save on time and costs while maintaining necessary discretions.

We intend to make the industry more efficient, saving cost and time. Our innovative solutions will lower the barriers to entry and open room for more innovation leading to growth in trade and global prosperity.

Kivio’s End-to-End Solution

How it Works

At its core, Kivio uses blockchain to enable the exchange of cargo ownership and claim rights as digital (tokenized) assets in a digital marketplace. It provides players in the liquid bulk ecosystem with a standardized, interoperable digital platform to connect with counterparties and conduct trade.

Key Functionalities


Provide a unified negotiation platform


Streamline document management

Calculate hire & demurrage payments

Automatically execute fund transfers


Runner-up in the Ethereum Foundation’s ConsenSys Global Blockchain Competition 2018

Semi-finalist at the MIT 100K Competition 2018